Linking Aadhar to Bank account – online and offline

Indian residents must link their Aadhar card with bank account as it has been made mandatory by the Indian Government. By following some easy steps you can link your Aadhar card to bank account and avail various benefits.

Whether you have account in SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis Bank, BOB or any other bank, you can use any of the methods shared in this article to link your Aadhar card.


Following are some of the benefits of Aadhar-Bank Linking:

  • Government can easily find individuals who must benefit from government schemes.
  • Direct deposit of subsidies in your bank account.
  • To ensure that government schemes are reaching in right hands.

You can link the Aadhaar card with Bank account online and offline. We will share both the methods with you now.

link Aadhar card to bank account

Linking Aadhar card Online

Online linking of Bank and Aadhar card can be done in two ways.

Linking through Internet Banking

You can follow these steps for linking your Aadhar in any bank account. The steps will be same for linking in any bank account (SBI, ICICI or any other)

  • Login to and enter your id and password.
  • Find “My account” section and click on “Update Aadhar with Bank accounts”.
  • Now, enter the profile password for the Aadhar registration.
  • A new page will open where you must enter your Aadhar card number twice.
  • Now click “Submit”. A message will be displayed on the screen stating successful seeding of your Aadhar card with your bank Account.

You can use the same steps for any other bank account also by going to their official website and continuing the same steps.

Linking through Bank’s Mobile App

For the convenience of its customers, banks provide the facility of linking Aadhar card using mobile app. Follow these steps and you will successful link your aadhar card:

  • Login to the bank’s mobile app and tap on “Services”.
  • Tap on “My accounts” and click on “View/Update Aadhar card details”.
  • Now, enter your Aadhar card number twice and proceed by clicking “Submit”.
  • After completing the process, you will receive a message regarding successful linking of your Aadhar card with your bank account.


Linking the Aadhar and bank account using online mode is very easy. Now, let us take a look at the offline methods to link your bank account and Aadhar card.


How to link Aadhar card Offline?

Offline process of linking Aadhar card is quite simple and it will be convenient for those who find it difficult to use the online methods. You can link the Aadhar number in several ways and these are as follows:

Linking through an ATM

All account holders can link their Aadhar number with the bank accounts by using the bank’s ATM. If you want to use this method you must follow these steps:

    • Swipe your card and enter the PIN.
    • Go to “Services” and select “Registrations”.
    • Now, select “Aadhar Registration” option and select your account type (current/savings).
    • Enter your Aadhar number twice and click the Okay Button.
    • You will receive the confirmation message for successful seeding of Bank account and Aadhar card.


Linking at Bank

This may be convenient method for you if you have the Bank branch nearby.

  • You can visit the bank branch and get the “Aadhar Linking” form.
  • Fill the form correctly and also mention bank account details along with the Aadhar number.
  • Now attach a self attested photocopy of your Aadhar card with the form and submit it.
  • You may also be required to show your original Aadhar card to the person at the bank counter. This is just a part of verification.

Once you application is submitted, your Aadhar number will be linked with your bank account in a few days. You will get a message on the registered mobile number when you Aadhar card will be linked with your bank account.

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