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Lost your Aadhar Card? Apply for a Duplicate eAadhar with these easy steps

Have you lost your Aadhaar Card and wondering how to get it back? In this article we share the tips to get Aadhar card download by name and date of birth while using your registered mobile number.

If you have lost your Adhaar card you can get a duplicate eAadhar cardby following these simple steps.
Keeping Aadhar Card safely is very important as it is the proof of identity for Indian citizens.

Sometimes even after being extremely careful; one can face the problem of a misplaced or lost Aadhar card. Do not worry and follow these steps which are shared for your ease.


Obtaining a duplicate eAadhar card by:

1. Contacting the UIDAI

The first option to obtain your lost Aadhar card is to contact the Unique Identification Authority of India. You can inform that you have lost your Adhaar card by using their toll-free number. Now, Uidai will send your enrolled number to the registered mobile number by SMS and also to your registered email address.

2. Contacting the local enrollment centre

The second option is to contact the local regional office and notifying them about your lost or misplaced card.

It’s important to have all the original supporting documents which you used for the initial application. It’s safe to keep a set of the photocopy so that you can use it when you misplace your Aadhar card. By following the procedure at local regional office too, you can easily get e aadhar card download.

Step by Step Guide to applying for duplicate Aadhar card:

1. Simply visit the official Adhaar card portal:

2. Depending on what you want to retrieve, choose and click the suitable option to fill the details: Aadhar No. (UID) or Enrollment No. (EID)

3. Fill in the entire details- full name, email address, registered mobile number and the displayed security code and click “Get OTP”.

4.Once the OTP arrives at your registered number & email address, you can enter it in the given box and click on “Verify OTP”.

5. You will receive a message on the registered mobile number which will have your Enrollment ID or Aadhar card number.

6. Once you receive this message, go back to the official portal and click on “I have” and select the suitable option from “Aadhar” or “Enrollment”.

7. Now enter the Enrollment ID or Aadhaar number along with details like full name, pin code, mobile number, and security text.

8. Click on “Get OTP” and once you receive it on your mobile number or email, enter it by clicking on the “Enter OTP” box.

9. After entering OTP, click on “Validate and Download”.

10. You have successfully downloaded your eAadhar card. When you open the downloaded document, enter your pin code as the password. Now you have your eaadhar ready for print out.

Aadhar card download is very easily done once you follow the above steps carefully. By using your registered mobile number you can get your lost Adhar card without difficulty and download online.

Always ensure that you keep your Aadhar Card safely as it is one of the most important identity proofs in India.

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