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My name is Asif – a software engineer residing in Bangalore, India. My idea behind launching this website is to help fellow Indian citizens to easily gather useful information about the Aadhar initiative rolled out by the Government of India.

When the Aadhar Card program was initially launched by UIDAI, I observed a severe scarcity of information regarding the enrollment procedure, required documentation/paper-work and other relevant details. Common people were suffering by the lack of insight. Moreover, a handful of miscreants were taking the advantage of peoples’ ignorance to milk money out on the pretext of helping them.

That’s when the idea of starting a blog on Aadhar Card crossed my mind. I tried my best to collect all the useful information and present them in an organized manner. The main objective is to make all Aadhar related information easily accessible to the common Indian citizens.

This blog is in no way associated with UIDAI or any other third-party organization. It is purely for informational and educational purpose. My efforts will be well rewarded if the blog can help in answering your queries or guide you to get your Aadhar Card registered.

In case you are in need of any guidance or help with respect to Aadhar Card, please feel free to get in touch.