What is Aadhar card? A Complete Guide

Most of us have always wondered what exactly Aadhar card is but never got real answers to it. Here is a guide which will walk you through everything that must know about this document.


Aadhar card explained

All Indian residents and citizens are provided an identification card called as the “Aadhar card”. The Indian government has given the responsibility to an organization which controls and manages the administration of Adhaar card system.

This organization is known as UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India and it issues the cards to the citizens. Every card contains a unique 12 digit identification number and this acts as a proof of identity in the entire country.

Apart from being the proof of identity, the Aadhaar card is also authorized as proof of address of individuals. It’s one of the most essential documents which every Indian citizen must have.


Benefits of Aadhar card

aadhar card

If you have the Aadhaar card, then you can use it as a proof of identity and address for anything and everything in India. Apart from this you can avail the following benefits if you have the Aadhar card:

  • Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Subsidy
  • Get passport in 10 days
  • No other documents are required to open account for Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) apart from Aadhar card
  • You can avail benefits of Digilocker- system to store all personal documents on government server by linking your Aadhar card to it
  • Gets pensions easily by linking Aadhar card
  • Linking Aadhar card to voter card would eliminate bogus voters
  • You can invest in stock market easily because SEBI accepts Aadhar card as identity proof
  • Its valid proof to open bank account and linking to your bank account
  • Get provident fund money easily by linking Adhaar card to it

So many benefits can be availed by having the Aadhar card and linking it to certain other documents. Apart from this, the card can be easily linked to secure cloud storage.

The 12 digit identification number will give you complete safety and security from identity theft and fraud. You can also use the card to avail various government benefits and subsidies in India.


How to apply for Adhaar card?

To get your Aadhar card, you can submit the following documents and details at any Aadhar center:

  • Proof of address: electricity bill, phone bill, bank statements etc
  • Proof of identity: PAN card, Passport, Driving License

When you submit this, you will also undergo biometric profiling which includes fingerprint and iris scan. All the above documents must be submitted along with undergoing the biometric verification for successful enrollment to generate your card.


Are you eligible to get an Aadhar card?

Yes, any citizen of India is eligible to get this card regardless of age or gender. The government assists the citizens with ease of changing any detail along with biometric details at anytime. You can enroll to get your Aadhar card no matter what your age is and what you do.

Once your application is successfully submitted and goes under the verification process, you will be issued with an Aadhar card which would have your Unique identification number.


Why Aadhaar card in unique?

The Indian citizens are required to have a bunch of formal documents which are accepted as identity and address proofs. In such a scenario, it’s reasonable to wonder what makes the card special and unique.


The following things make the Adhaar card unique

  • It prevents misuse of identity and frauds
  • It has biometric information (retina scan and fingerprints)
  • Aadhar card is completely unique to every individual

While these reasons make the card very unqiue, one should remember that this card has not been issued to replace other forms of identification and valid documents.


Validity of Aadhar card

The most amazing thing about the card is that it is valid for life. Various other formal documents require frequent renewal, but the card does not require such renewals. It’s made free of cost for the ease of Indian citizens and can be updated anytime in case personal details are changed.

Check the detailed guide to know about Aadhar card update and correction procedure here https://aadharcardportal.com/aadhar-card-update/


Some important things to know about Aadhar card:

Many people have misconceptions about this Indian Document and these points will help you in understanding what it actually is.


Aadhar card is:

  • Available to all Indian residents ( including infants & children)
  • Unique 12 digit identification number
  • Completely voluntary
  • For individuals and not families
  • Unique for all (due to biometrics)
  • Universally accepted in document application for Ration card and passport.


Aadhar card is not:

  • Compulsory
  • A way to collect information about residents of India
  • For families
  • A replacement for others Identification documents
  • Just another ID card
  • Accessible to private or public agencies

After knowing the advantages of the card, you must be surprised at how beneficial this little card could be. In case you haven’t applied for it, go for it right away!

Hi, my name is Asif and last year I spend a lot of time checking various sources about Aadhar Card. It was kind of hard and sometimes even confusing to find what I needed so I decided to create this blog so anyone can easily find information about this helpful ID card.


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